Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Burp Cloths, Receiving Blanket, and Security Blanket Gift Package

  I have three friends who are having little baby girls here in the next few months, so when I had an unexpected day off, Thayer and I spent a day putting together presents for the upcoming showers. 

Each little pink bundle of joy is getting a burp cloth, which I made by using scraps from the blanket and putting them on the back of gerber cloth diapers, then I picked out riboon and sewed it all together.  These are super simple to make, but one of my favorite baby things, as the little burp cloths at the store barely catch anything and really aren't that cute.

The main part of the project was a flannel blanket.  I added some ribbon on one edge just to give the baby something to toy with and then I added some weird triangle pieces of fabric on the opposite side to add a little something as well.It was really har to get the blanket exactly square, but by the final one, they were all squared up.  The final little detial of this blanket was a decorative stitch - the entire time I was doing it, I was thanking Justin for being so awesome about my getting a new machine.

Even after the blankets and burp cloths, there was still some leftover fabric and it was just too beautiful not to use, so I assembled little security blankets to go with each gift.  I bordered them with soft satin and they were done.  Super easy and really added to the gift.

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  1. that is gorgeous fabric. lucky little baby girls!