Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bridal Shower Invitations

The first major project that I undertook this year were these adorable little invites for a friend's bridal shower.  The invite list was managable, so in addition to the traditional card, I sent each girl a gift bag in the mail for them to enclose an extra, small gift in.  The inside of the card reads "A sunny future begins with a shower.  Help us start __________ off with a soaker" (lifted from offline, of course) and then I revolved the color scheme and the cards around this theme of a shower (blues) and the sun shine (yellow).  This bride is a bit less than traditional, so I kept the invites looking a bit hip and modern

Each bag had a little saying attached, explaining what the purpose of the bag was.  I mostly did the bag because the bride and groom need non-material gifts for their wedding and I thought the bags would be a great way to incorporate opening a fun, surprising gift.  Here is the saying that I (again) found online:

A Bridal Shower is being held
For a very special Bride.
So please use this handy bag
To tuck an extra gift inside.

It can be a dishcloth for the kitchen,
Cleanser for the sink,
Perhaps soap for the dishes,
Whatever you may think.

They will need items for the bath,
Perhaps some lightbulbs too,
Combs, Kleenex, soap,
The choice is up to you.

The gifts will come in handy
For both the Bride and Groom
And their cupboards will be stocked
In each and every room.

The information follows.
It’s a very special date.
We hope that you can join us.
It’s time to celebrate!

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