Saturday, October 20, 2012

Soccer Snacks

 Thayer's soccer season has been so adorable, although I have to admit that I have to make efforts to keep the competitive me in check.  The kids love all elements of the game, even bench warming, with an abandon that older kids just loose.  This was the first game that Thayer ever kicked a ball during - he was so proud of himself.  He had set and reached a goal of his.  I was really proud of him too.  It was small step towards his becoming the next David Backham, but it was a step.
 Playing goalie is the most coveted position on the team - mostly because the kids love to play in the net.  Thayer was number 5 during this season.
Thayer and I may have went a little overboard with soccer snacks, but we had fun.  Thayer helped withe putting stickers on each of his teammate's half-time and end of game snacks.  We also picked out little frog toys for each of his little soccer buddies.

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