Friday, December 7, 2012

2012 Advent Activities

An Advent calendar with candy...that is so last year.  This year we are having a different holiday activity each day and Thayer is almost as into that as he was the candy last year.
This is my homemade advent calendar - from a mini muffin pan, Cricut numbers and Oriental Trading Company magnetic paper.

Day 1: Go to the Santa Parade

Day 2: Write a letter to Santa

Day 3: Drink Hot Cocoa (yep, in a retirement mug)

Day 4: Write and send Christmas cards to loved ones.

Day 5: Make snowflakes
Bandon was feeling left out, so he removed all of the ornaments from Thayer's tree.

Day 6: Perform a Random Act of Kindness. 
(Thayer brought his Grandpa and Great Aunt Linda dinner)
(I was inspired and paid for coffee for the next five people to go through Bigfoot Java this morning)

Day 7: Bake Christmas Cookies

 Day 8: Leave a surprise present for the neighbors 
We packed up the cookies we made and Thayer and Justin went from house to house delivering them - I had originally planned the order this way with this purpose in mind and was expecting to have to prompt Thayer in that direction.  However, when Thayer read the activity for the day, he suggested that we give away the cookies we had made - like mother, like son.
 Day 9: Dress up in Holiday Garb and Take Silly Pictures

 Day 10: Eat a Piece of Chocolate with Mommy
Here's my horrible parenting confession: Thayer can't read, so...I was just exhausted and instead of "Listen to Holiday Music and Have a Dance Party", I fibbed and let us enjoy some chocolate instead.  Thayer didn't seem to mind.

Day 11: Shop for a New Toy and Donate it to a Charitable Organization
Our church adopted a couple of families, so I took some of the items that they requested and off we went.  I liked getting to pick out some really cute girl clothes and Thayer even seemed to enjoy the day.  He actually said, "This is my favorite advent day ever" as we were picking out art supplies for a little girl.  I was so proud, either he has already adopted the spirit of philanthropy that I was hoping to impart to him or he just knows how to play his mama really well.  I'll take it either way.
 I was extra proud of Thayer when he seemed a bit bummed, but helped to wrap up the Jake the Pirate boat that he had on his Christmas list as well.
 Day 12: Listen to Christmas Music and Have a Dance Party
Day 13: Go to See How to Train Your Dragon Live
This was something that we already had on our calendar, so I just worked it into the dates.  We went with Ashley and Thayer's BFF: Gannon.  Thayer was about as thrilled and frightened as any three year old can get at the same time.
Day 14: Play in the Snow

Day 15: Make a Homemade Christmas Ornament
 Day 16: Visit Santa

Day 17: Make a Gift for your teacher
We made this adorable little tote bag.  I have been using fruit as stamps all summer, so we tried an apple for this project.  I cut it in half and left both the halves on the table while I gathered the rest of the supplies.  When I came back with the paint and brushes, Thayer had taken a bite out of one of the halves.  It certainly added some character to the bag.

Day 18: Admire a local light display
 Day 19: Make Christmas treats for your class
Day 20: Do something to make a family member's life easier
Thayer opted to make Justin's life easier by not whining as he had to get ready for school.
Day 21: Go Caroling with the Federal Way United Methodist Church
Day 22: Go to the Cabin with Neen, Auntie Holly, and Cousin Calder

 Day 23: Have a snowball fight

Day 24: Visit Grandma and Grandpa

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