Monday, July 29, 2013

Guest Room Design

The guest room was uninhabitable, given the year-long cat peeing that had been occurring in it, so we renovated it.  Before it was a pretty generic room that stunk really badly, but after ripping up the floor and the sub-floor, painting the walls, replacing the carpet with laminate and adding some finishing accent pieces, it has been transformed into an adorable little getaway space.  I have to give a shout out here to my father-in-law for helping with the floor and to Tarah and Jason for letting us use their extra flooring.
 The bed is a mix of old and new: new throw pillows, a quilt that I made, and an older duvet cover.  I am still on the hunt for something, art or a mirror, to hang behind it.
 The foot of the bed is accented by a new rag rug.  Bandon saw the camera, and automatically started to say "cheese" and smile, so I had to grab a picture of his cute little mug.
 On one side of the bed, I have an old funky blue map from my dad and a new cabinet.  I made a guest book from a journal given to me by Danielle and put some light reading and an extra blanket (from Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica) on the shelves.  The other side of the bed is my favorite little spot in the room.  I used my mom's antique sewing machine to hold a new tray complete with traveling necessities (just in case a guest forgot): soap, shampoo, conditioner, face face, face cleansing towels, a toothbrush, and some face masks.  We also unearthed DJ Funkit and gave our guests an awesome Ipod docking station.  I added a candle holder, fossil from my dad, and paper flowers that I made and some from Costa Rica to make it look fun and festive.  A candle holder hangs from the ceiling that was given to us by Heidi and Jeremy when we first moved in.  The curtain are new as well and add some fun color and lengthen the window a bit.  I should also mention that I stashed guest yoga mats behind the sewing machine so that I can have a buddy when people come into town.
For art, I have a picture collage with a piece of tapa bark from Fiji serving as the center piece and photographs from some of my travels (I plan to add to this).  The upper left is a monastary in Peru, the upper right are the Nazca Lines, the lower left are the foothills in the Andes and the lower right is Volcan Arenal in Costa Rica.  I also framed some money that we have from traveling, just for fun: we have money from Fiji, Costa Rica and Mexico in the frame so far.
 In the closet, I placed bins with the names of frequent visitors and some special things just for them.  Annie likes to keep a pair of running shoes here, Holly has toys, etc.
 I love this other little nook as well.  I installed this small shelf - something new - so that guests can hang whatever: a purse, keys, etc.  Again, I plan to add to this, but we have a mask from Ethiopia, a surf god dude from Hawaii and a mirror from Monte Verde in Costa Rica.  Below I have a gorgeous antique box thing from my dad and inside of that I have a pillow mattress that I made for kids.
 I love this new room.  It is both functional and adorable.  I keep going in just to look at the transformation.  I can't wait to add to the eclectic look as I collect more things from traveling around the world.

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