Sunday, September 8, 2013

2013 Summer Bucket List

The list looks a lot like last year's, but it was back in full force and here is the evidence that it was completed, except for the reading book, in full force:
1. Help Build the Playhouse: 
Thayer actually did a great job of helping to paint the door on the shed/soon-to-be playhouse.
2. Help Mom Make Dinner:
Thayer is a master at making mini-pizzas at this point and helps to make this fine cuisine about once a week.
3. Build a Lego Tower:
We didn't have a "tower", but Thayer hardly noticed as he built this awesome plane, and a firetruck to go with it and some burning trees.  He spent days playing and dumping water out of the fire plane all over the burning trees.
4. Go on a Submarine:
There was randomly a submarine at OMSI in Portland and this one was the first bucket list option to be accomplished this summer.
5. Write "N"s:
This was not one of Thayer's favorites, but we did work on this almost every day that we were home as part of reading lessons.

6. Go to the Beach:
We accompanied Tarah, Gavin and Carter to Dash Point and actually had more fun on the trails than the beach.

7. Go to Nini's:
This was accomplished twice in the summer and nothing says Portland like a food truck, so here is the evidence:

8. Go to Remlinger Farms:
This also was something that we did early in the summer.  Gannon and Ashley came with and we all had a blast.

9. Go Camping:
Again with Tarah, the fam, and Ashley and Gannon.

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