Saturday, September 7, 2013

Guest Book Quilt

Holly's wedding was gorgeous and she had to have a quilt that mirrored that beauty.  I used white fabric for the majority of the quilt with a lace print on it, to mirror all of the lace that she had at her wedding.  Guests signed squares with well wishes and I put them together to make this quilt.  I also used a flannel fabric that the little boys wore and to mirror the outfits of the groomsmen.  I took a floral print from the wedding that Holly had used to cover the tables and added some brick print (in honor of the brick oven pizzas) and sunflower print (in honor of the flowers that Holly chose).  It was a lot of fun to make, because I got to see all of the wonderful wishes that people wrote for Holly and Dan.  It did turn out to be huge - It was a solid king size quilt when all was said and done.

On one square, I sewed on the bowtie that Calder wore at the ceremony.  At the bottom of the quilt I sewed in a piece of the lace that was used to hold the bridesmaids flowers.

I had some extra fabric, so I made pillows to match.

I tied it all together with a quilt block that I had been holding on to with no idea of how I would ever use it, but it fit perfectly.  The quilt is in the mail on the way to Maui right now.  I hope that they love and cherish this quilt and it always reminds them of the love and support that they have from all of their family and friends.

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