Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Birthday Banner & Hats

We were traveling when an impromptu birthday party became of order.  We upcycled paper bags to create the decorations.  We made a banner, party hats, and even a table runner with the paper bags.

I involved my four-year-old and we worked on his spelling/writing skills by having him figure out how to spell "Happy Birthday" and then write the letters out.
Once the letters were done, I let him color the letters and the background.
The banner turned out adorable and very whimsical.
Next, we made party hats.  We unfolded the paper bags and drew an arc - I managed to get two hats from each bag.

Again, I enlisted my oldest to do the writing and he had to sound out the words too.  He did even realize he was learning.  Teehee.
Given that we were traveling, we had very limited supplies, so we used paperclips to pin the hats together.
When we were done everyone in the family with a winter birthday had a hat.  We colored those too and to my surprise everyone loved them.  They were a huge hit.

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