Saturday, February 15, 2014

Silk Flower Hair Clips

I gotta mix it up here and there at stamp club and bring something different.  These little flowers are adorable, but very easy to make.  You need crepe backed satin to start with.  You cut this in varying sizes of circles.  Next, singe the edges of the circles with a lighter (or some other flame - the lighter can hurt your fingers, I use a candle some times).  Once all of the petals are singed, you need a hot glue gun - place and glue the petals one-by-one.  Add an accent in the middle.  For the clip I used the hair stylists plain silver clip, but I added some ribbon so that no hair gets caught and to hide the silver.  I put it over the entire end and then open the clip and fold it under.  I used hot glue to put this in place as well.

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