Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sub Tub

This isn't really a new idea. I've seen these all over the web, but here is my version. I decorated my tub in my school colors. I have all of the standard stuff and then some. Here is a list of my sub tub contents:
- Attendance sheets
- Library passes
- Pens
- Pencil
- Healthy snacks: nuts right now
- Welcome letter - see the example below.   On mine I make sure to explain my classes a bit and leave a list of helpful staff who are close and students from each class who can be counted on.
- Seating charts and class rosters
- Notes on special needs students, so that even in my absence they get the accommodations they need. I also put health information in there... Just in case.
- School procedures with all of our different bell schedules, the master schedule, a map, etc.
- Lesson plans - I try to keep these very simple. I start with context, so the substitute understands where this lessons fits into the curriculum, the agenda and then a simple list of materials

- I have a sheet where substitutes can leave me notes about each class. I love this, my substitutes commonly attach any late notes and their business card.
- I want to add a genetic lesson plan just in case something comes up and I have to call in without plans in place - your have to be ready for anything with two young boys at home.
I originally thought that this was a bit too cutesy for high school, but I love it now and so do the substitutes who have used it. It really helps when my baby comes down with a fever unexpectedly and I have to ask a friend to help. All I do now is ask them to pull the sub tub and it's done.

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