Saturday, April 19, 2014

DIY Tutorial: Facial Rounds

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Like most of my projects, there started in an effort to create something that replaced a disposable and that I was interested in having.  The idea came from a recent, very relaxing trip to the spa - my sister and I treat each other for birthday gifts each year.  During the facial the esthetician wiped away my mask with a cloth round.  My eyes were closed and I was too relaxed to give it much thought, but as I was at home trying to wipe away my own pathetic attempt at a mask with my fingers, inspiration struck: I could make something like what she had used and I had most of the materials on hand.  I used scraps from quilt backing that I had laying around waiting to be turned into something wonderful.

First, I collected supplies:
- Flannel - scraps would suffice for this project
- terry cloth - again you could make one round with a small scrap
- a fabric marker
- pins
- something circular to trace (I used a roll of ribbon)
 First, I cut my flannel in 4.25" squares - I determined the size by laying my circular object down and then making sure there was a bit of space beyond the edges of it.

 I repeated the same process with the terry cloth, which I would suggest shaking (as there are lots of little pieces that end up floating around with this kind of fabric) after cutting.
 Next, I used my disappearing fabric marker to trace the circle on the terry cloth - I chose the terry cloth side for two reasons: 1) The flannel print was dark and the marker didn't show up well on that side.  2) Sewing with the terry cloth side down seems to slow down my machine and cause more catching, etc.
 I layered the terry cloth and flannel - wrong sides together.  I put my flannel print-side face down - and then stacked the terry cloth - with the traced pattern side up on the table.
 I put one pin in the middle to hold the two pieces together and prevent slipping.
 Next, I adjusted my machine.  I used a zig zag stitch, but changed the length to .5 - a very short length so that all of my stitching was very close.
 Then, I sewed all around the circle that I had traced.
 Finally, I trimmed the outside - being VERY careful to stay close to the seam, but not cut the actual thread.

The finished result looks like this:
I have loved using these - they take me back to that trip to the spa every time and have motivated me to wash my face more regularly.  In addition, they are super cute in my bathroom and add some extra aesthetic appeal.  My husband is happy too - they are, like many reusable products, a money-saver.

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