Thursday, May 1, 2014

DIY Tutorial: Body Scrub

Want some, but don't have the time to make your own?  
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Ingredients List:
- glass jars - you can buy these at a craft store for $1 - I also like to use canning jars - the wide mouth makes it easy to get the scrub out later
- oil - there are a lot of options, but I like almond oil - this is the key ingredient (in my opinion), so splurge here
- sugar - I like the organic, fair-trade kind from Costco (besides the ethical reasons it has a great texture)
- essential oils (I like orange, peppermint, and lavender)
- bowl, spoon, measuring cups and a funnel is nice as well
First, I combine the sugar and oil.  The general rule is 1/3 cup oil to 1 cup sugar.  You can make it thicker by using a bit more sugar or more oily by adding more oil.  The measurements do not have to be exact.
Next add essential oils:  I use 10 lavender and 5 peppermint drops for the lavender kind and 15 orange and 5 peppermint for my orange blend.  Lavender is supposed to have relaxing properties, while orange is meant to invigorate the senses.
Stir it up.  This is a great activity for kids - my kids like to help stir and to dump the measuring cups.  They also like to help count the drops - another great teaching opportunity hidden inside of a fun project.  I like to have the kids make this around Mother's Day for their grandmas.
I use a funnel meant for canning to help guide the scrub where I want it.
I tamp it down with my fingers and then wipe the rim clean.
I cannot rave enough about this - I really can tell the difference in my skin every time that I have used them.

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