Saturday, January 24, 2015

Teacher Valentine Gift

We always make certain to say "Thank You" to our kids' teachers.  Teachers devote a ton of extra time to their jobs - A TON (I know from first hand experience).  Maybe because I am a teacher myself, but more because I am a person who believes strongly in good manners, we try really hard to let the teachers who touch the lives of our children know that we are aware of the devotion they are showing and the sacrifices they make to ensure the success of their students.
As we were making cards for his classmates, my kindergartner asked what we would do for his teacher this year (apparently our lessons are working) and we found an idea similar to this one online.  What's in our "pink" themed gift:
  • ceramic coffee mug
  • pink washi tape
  • pink pen
  • pink highlighter
  • pink gum
  • pink Tic Tacs
  • pink heart push pins
  • pink lip balm
  • pink nail polish

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