Monday, April 20, 2015

Biography - Autobiography - Memoir Independent Reading Assignment

For quarter 4 students are asked to read a memoir, biography, or autobiography.  There is no graded annotation requirement for this assignment - although students are encouraged to highlight and take notes on quotes from the reading that they may want to integrate into their project at the end.  When the 10th grade team designed this assignment, they spent extensive time considering the purpose of reading the stories of other people and how that purpose could be transferred into an assignment.  We determined that one of the main reasons we all read this kind of writing is to understand a subject that we are interested in more fully and to see some kind of personal connection.  We also talked about the reasons that authors feel compelled to write and share their personal stories.  We all agreed that people share, among other reasons, because they feel that their stories can contribute to a larger conversation about some topic/issue.  With all of this in mind, we created the assignment that you see below.  In a nutshell, students are to read their text and give a speech analyzing how their text fits into a larger conversation about an issue/topic in the world at large.  Please check out the details below:

Here is the rubric that we will be using to assess the students' speeches:

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