Sunday, January 29, 2012

Salvaged Bulletin Board

 At our wedding Justin and I had a "Welcome" board where everyone found their seating assignment and we had hot glued the word "Welcome" at the top.  Since the wedding, the board has been  in our garage waiting to be reclaimed.  It was missing portions of the cork from where we had pulled the words off and was generally a mess.  In order to transform it into something worthy of hanging on the wall, I painted the edges a dark brown, lined the entire board with green burlap fabric (used a staple gun to affix it to the board) and then added wide, ribbed brown fabric to the inner edge of the board to hide all of the staples.
This board, which was doomed to the confines of our garage is now a display board for Thayer's handiwork.  He is so proud when something that he created gets added on to the board.

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