Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wits and Wagers: Wedding Edition

Somehow it is always at the last minute that my flashes of genius come upon me.  This morning was no different: I was in charge of games and prizes for Carrie's bridal shower and knew that it would be a smaller affair.  I also was keeping in mind that Carrie isn't really into cheesy, hokey shower games.  SO...I created a Wits and Wagers game that focused all around weddings.  I redid the board with wedding paper and black card stock (but kept all the "pays" sections the same), I took some of Justin's poker chips and put large jewels on the top of them (good thing he doesn't read this blog), I traded the poker chips used in the original game for canary and white diamonds and other jewels, and searched the Internet for wedding trivia whose answer was a number of some sort.  I used corresponding card stock and recycled art work of Thayer's cut into little pieces for the answers.  The result was super fun and I think everyone had a blast playing it.
Wedding Wits and Wagers

Leta Makes the Big Bet

Jamiee and Me
 The other game that I designed paled in comparison to Wits and Wagers and I should have played it first, because it really was showed up.  It was a more traditional shower game:  I took a bunch of white cooking ingredients and everyone had to guess what they were.  I had baking powder, baking soda, flour, sugar, salt, powdered sugar, Crisco, and meringue powder.  I had them all in little packets, but I think it would be more fun to keep them in mini Gladlock containers and let people touch or (if they are brave) taste them.  This game would also work better for a larger shower.
Tanya (Who Won) Carefully Examines all the White Stuff
 The shower wrapped up with Carrie opening her gifts.  It was a lot of fun - everyone helped to contribute to her dream of home ownership and also gave some silly something in the gift bag.  She got sponges, dish soap, a plant, and some other rather entertaining gifts.
The Bride-To-Be
The shower was a huge success and so much fun.  Leta hosted and her house was beautiful.  The food was fantastic and the decorations were classic.  It was so much fun to get to gather with close friends and celebrate Carrie's big day.  Just a month away now!!!

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