Saturday, May 19, 2012

Having a Baby: Day Two

The Luckiest Mama in the World
 Betty brought Thayer up, wearing his "Little Brothers Rock" shirt, to bond with his brother again on Friday.  It was awesome to see Thayer checking out Bandon's tiny little birdies and also to hear him express his concern over Bandon being hurt on the pirate ship.
 Betty and Sue both spent some quality time today with the little hedgehog.  He already loves his grandmas.
Dr. Bernal-Schmidt
 At first we were really sad to hear that Dr. Kelly, who delivered Thayer, was going to be leaving her Burien practice and taking another job, but everything happens for a reason and Dr. Bernal-Schmidt has been amazing.  She is the most positive, upbeat doctor and made this entire experience as pleasant as it possibly could be.
Hearing Test
Bandon was poked and prodded today to make certain that he could hear, that he didn't have jaundice and that all of his blood counts were looking good.  He passed everything with flying colors.\
Leah, Tony & Jennifer
Three of my students from my sixth period class stopped by to say hello and one of them was even brave enough to hold the baby.  It was really awesome to see them.
More Visitors at the Hospital
 The second day was filled with visitors as well.  It was awesome to see everyone.  Lexi was probably the funniest visitor.  She did not want to give the baby up - at least until he pooed loudly in her lap.  Then she handed him right over to her mom.  Kayden came too and it was awesome to see the drastic difference between 2 days and 6 months.  Tarah and Jason spent a few hours with us and brought pho for dinner.  It was fun to chat with them and eat something healthy.  Even Gigi made it out and she was thrilled to hold the baby - this is her third great-grandchild.

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