Friday, May 18, 2012

Having a Baby: Day One

We are now officially a family of four!!!  Bandon has arrived.
5:30 am and We're Headed to the Hospital
 The night before Bandon was born was somewhat sleepless, mostly with excitement, but also a tad bit of apprehension.  In the morning I was super excited to get rid of some of the remnants of pregnancy: the pillow berm that I had constructed to support my HUGE belly and the baby toothbrush that I had been using to avoid throwing up while brushing my teeth.
Our Hospital Room: C436
 Checking in to Highline Medical Center was easy.  Everything went super fast.  When they hooked me up to the monitors, they noticed (as I had the day before) that I was indeed having contractions.  Thayer was also born exactly on his due date, so it was not surprising that this baby would have been coming scheduled C-section or not.
Justin Gets Suited Up
 Justin was super excited for his hospital get-up.  He had to wear gloves and protective shoe covers too.  He not only wore this outfit during the surgery, he insisted on keeping it on for the next few hours and is taking the white jumpsuit home with us.  I am a little worried about when he might be planning to wear this again.
Bandon's a BIG Boy: 8 Pounds and 15 Ounces
 I knew that Bandon was bigger than Thayer, just because my belly was much larger and my balance was off a lot because of it during the pregnancy.  However, everyone was surprised that I had a nine pound baby in there.  He barely fits into newborn clothes (Thayer barely fit into them, because they were too big).
Proud Papa
 Justin was fantastic throughout the entire surgery.  He was attentive and did not get especially queezy.  He videoed and photographed the parts that I couldn't see and was thrilled to tears when we heard Bandon's first adorable little cries.
Our Little Hedge Hog
 Annie has already given this baby a moniker: a little hedge hog.  He came out with awesome hair - a full head of dark brown locks.  He also has adorable little, non-taxi cab door ears and the sweetest little cry.  So far he is very mellow and has only cried when he first arrived, for a shot and then some fussing when he was hungry.
First Bath
 Bandon loved his first bath, despite the adorable little pouty face he is sporting here.  He didn't cry for the whole thing.
I Come Bearing Gifts
Bandon's first visitor was his big brother Thayer.  Thayer came with a shark that he had picked out for Bandon - yes, the shark is bigger than his little brother and flowers that he smelled out for his mom.
Meeting the Calf Keiki
 Holly sent Thayer a book called Maui the Whale and he is obsessed.  We all have characters that we play daily.  Thayer is Captain Pirate, Justin is usually friend turtle and Maui the Whale, I am only assigned Maui the Whale if Justin is absent and Thayer has determined that Bandon should be Calf Keiki.  Bandon has officially been inducted into the family.
The Boys 
 I am by far outnumbered at this point, but who can be disappointed when the boys you are surrounded by are this stinking handsome!!!
This One is MY Baby
 Everyone keeps saying that Thayer looks just like me - it must be the hair.  It could also be the talking.  He hasn't really stopped making noises since he was born.  I wasn't sure how I going to love another child and be as enamored as I was with Thayer, but I am.  Bandon is the perfect addition to our family.
First Day Visitors
After his brother, the grandparents were the next people to get to come and meet little Bandon, then his Auntie Lindsey and we skyped with Auntie Holly for about half an hour.  The Taggarts made it out to visit and then Bruce, Denise, and Kalie, followed by Steve and Dawn and Dillon and Jessica.  It was the perfect flow of visitors and didn't leave us feeling too overwhelmed.


  1. Love, Love, Love! This is the most adorable thing and we can't wait to meet him! Welcome to the family baby Bandon!

  2. Welcome to our world Bandon Hayes, our first hedge hog with tons of hair. I wish I was with you but, grandparents come first after the parents and siblings. I soon will come and hold my new great nephew in my arms and let him meet his great Auntie Linda. He is so beautiful and healthy looking Rose and Justin, ya did right well. I love you all and can't wait to hold the new boy.

  3. He is so sweet and chunky! What a precious baby - he's just beautiful. Let me know when you'll be back home so I can bring you guys dinner.

  4. this is kennedy and bayley. we miss you so muchhhhh. your baby is adorable. bring him to class so we can see him before school ends :)