Friday, June 15, 2012

Date Night Bridal Shower

For Holly's bridal shower, it took me forever to determine a theme.  Eventually, I decided to do a date night themed shower.  We are going to have dinner and a movie (clips from wedding movies and as a game, people will guess which movies they came from).  Instead of collecting traditional recipe cards, I am having each guest send a "Recipe for Love" with a date idea on it - maybe something that corresponds with their gift.  I am also planning to play a game that I found online, called "Who Has the Groom?"  Basically, at each table setting the ladies will have different dates - a tuxedoed dude with someone's face - most of them will be famous people (I'll cut them out from magazines), but one will be Dan's face with a heart that says "I Love Holly".  Now, I just need to assemble a task force and create this romantic night I have envisioned.

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