Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pillow Mattress

This was a Pinterest find.  I had actually gone so far as to follow the link and buy the fabric that was required (3 yards).  Then, when I went to access the link again, there were no directions.  There was a  message about the lady being in negotiations with a pattern company.  A pattern?!?!?!?  This thing was so simple, I knew that I could figure it out on my own.
 I started with 3 yards of minkee fabric that was 54" wide and four pillows.  I loved this print, the little planes were just perfect for Thayer.
 I began by hemming each of the longer sides. 
I wanted a little pocket to hide the pillows once they were inserted.  I folded the entire length of fabric together and then just eyeballed how much I had left to create a pocket with.
I The pocket ended up measuring about 4.5".  I measured it the whole way down and pinned it, so that the pocket would always be the same size. 
 Next, I sewed the top seam and then I laid out a standard size pillow and eyeballed the size of pocket I would need for the pillow (18.5").  I measured 74" (18.5" x 4) and sewed the bottom hem.  Then I turned the fabric right side out and used disappearing ink to mark 18.5" pockets for each of the four pillows.  I sewed three more seams straight across.
Finally I put four pillows into the project and folded the top one under to create an elevated pillow.  I called Thayer in and had him try it out - he loved it.  He even had to take his nap that day with the mattress.  Success!!!

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