Friday, August 3, 2012

Date Night Bridal Shower

The Invitations

Please Join Us For A
Date Night
Bridal Shower Honoring
Holly Robertson

When:  August 1             Time: 6:30p
RSVP: Roselyn: 
Holly is marrying a professional chef, so recipe cards are not needed.  Instead on the card provided, write a creative idea for a date (maybe something that corresponds with the gift you bring).  Please come hungry, as we will be having dinner.

The Invites

I got the idea for a date night themed shower from pinterest at this link:  I wanted to do something a bit out of the box for Holly and this really seemed to fit the ticket.  I wanted to keep the colors girly, so I chose pink, white and black.

Recipe Cards
 Rather than doing traditional recipe cards, I had all of the guests bring a date idea for the bride and groom.  The recipe cards were enclosed with the invitations that were sent out.  Two of the cutest date ideas were to do a ding and dash with cookies that you had made together for someone in need of cheering up.  Someone else made a jar filled with colored Popsicle sticks one color was for writing date ideas for night in and the other was for a night out.  The idea was to draw out a stick when in a pinch for a date idea and do the listed activity.  Most people made their date idea coordinate with the present they brought.
Recipe Cards
Thayer's Babysitter: Gannon
 Ashley came over to help with setup and Gannon came to keep Thayer company and free us up to prepare.
Taren & Calder

Taren also helped with setup and watching Calder so that everyone could get ready and get dinner made.
I made a ton of tissue paper pom poms and used them to deocorate the entire house.  We also used flowers in white and pink that looked similar to the pom poms.  I learned how to make the pom poms from this link on pinterest:
The prizes
 For prizes I made bath scrub and also garden markers.  Then I wrapped everything in pink, black and white.
Greeting Table
 When people arrived, they were given a "date" in the pink envelope and asked to address an envelope so that Holly could easily send thank yous.  The first game began right away - another pinterest find:  I also made a recipe box for Holly to keep the date ideas that she received in.
Flowers & Glasses
 I used varying sizes of canning jars for glasses with pink flexi straws and we had eight dozen flowers in shades of pink and white throughout the house.

Dinner Tables
We had a formal dinner, rather than small appetizers, for this shower.  I wanted to keep the date theme going and the most cliche date is dinner and a movie, so...we set up tables outside (thank goodness for the good weather).  We used pink table cloths and flowers to decorate.
The Dates
The Groom
You can't have date night without a date, so each partgoer received a date for the night.  One lucky lady got the groom.  I used my Cricut to cut out the grooms and cut the heads from gossip magazines. I picked both good dates - like Prince William and not so lucky dates - like Chris Brown.  The lady who got the groom won the first prize.
Holly's Date
The bride got Robert Pattison for a date.

Betty's Date
 The mother of the bride was accompanied by Nick Cannon.
Linda's Date
 The bride's aunt spent the evening with Simon Cowell.
Donna's Date
Christian Bale spent the evening with Aunt Donna.
For the next game, people had to identify all of the dates that the partygoers had brought with them.  The guests had their dates hold their seats at their tables and mingled as they tried to identify the different A and B List celebs.  I included these directions in the envelope with their dates and an answer sheet as well.  It just had numbers and blanks on it.

Who’s Your Date Again?
Directions:  Pick a seat and have your date “hold your seat for you” by placing them in the place card holder.  Forgetting the name of someone’s significant other is so embarrassing, not to mention rude.  As you mingle and meet the other guests, please use the enclosed paper to identify the dates of each guest WITHOUT getting any help from any other guests.

 Right before dinner I announced all the dates and the next prizes were awarded.  For dinner I just went to my garden and picked some fresh greens for a salad then added mango and macadamia nuts (Holly is from Hawaii).  We also had chicken and baked squash (again from the garden).
Susan, Betty, Jessica & Ashley

Karen, Somer, Dana & Sue 
Linda, Audrea, Calder, Holly & Taren

Donna, Priscilla & Roselyn

Me & My Sister
 After dinner, we went inside for presents and a "movie".  I took clips from famous wedding movies and everyone had to guess which movie they came from.  I used the following movies:
The Wedding Planner (proposal)
Bride Wars (the shower)
My Best Friend's Wedding (the rehearsal dinner)
Princess Bride (the ceremony)
Father of the  Bride (the ceremony)
Runaway Bride (the ceremony)
The Vow (the vows)
Four Weddings and a Funeral (the ceremony)
Love Actually (the recessional)
My Big Fat Greek Wedding (the reception)
Wedding Crashers (the reception)
I broke up the present opening by showing a clip from each of the movies between a present opening.  I also put the movie clips in the order of a wedding.
Calder with his Mama and Great Grandma

Dana, Tarah, Taren, Audrea, Ashley, Annie, Somer, Jessica, Holly , Calder & Me
The Favors
 Ashley made popcorn balls for favors - seeing that we were doing the most traditional date of all: dinner and a movie.  She used raspberry and strawberry flavors and dipped them in chocolate.  They were SUPER yummy.

Thank You Cards
One of the gifts that I gave Holly was a stamp with her married name and address.  I also handmade these thank you cards that fit with her theme/colors.


  1. Wow! That is the fanciest most beautiful and creative bridal shower I have ever seen. You're amazing Roselyn!!