Monday, March 25, 2013

Random Act of Kindness

Two Fridays ago the lady in front of me bought my morning coffee for me as a Random Act of Kindness.  I have never been the recipient of a RAK before and it really made me feel like I had the obligation to pay it forward.  I wanted to do something different than just buying coffee (I've done that a few times before) and I wanted to include the boys.  As we pulled out the Easter box, lightening hit: we would set up egg hunts at parks using the excess of Easter baskets and eggs that we had.  Thayer and I headed to the grocery store and chose candy and treats to fill the eggs with.  We made four baskets and put about 10 eggs in each basket.
 I wrote a card for each basket and said, "Please enjoy this Random Act of Kindness: an egg hunt with 10 eggs" and Thayer signed his name at the bottom.
 Next, we went to four different parks and hid our eggs and the basket.  It was so much fun.  Thayer liked playing at each park.  At the first park, we were walking to the car as a mom walked up with her three kids and we got to see them find the basket and start to collect eggs.  At the last park, there was a young boy there - about Thayer's age.  We hid all the eggs and then handed him the basket and told his parents what we were doing.  We left the park to shouts of "I found one!!!  I found one!!!"  This was so fun and we will be doing this again soon.
Maybe that kind lady who paid for my coffee will somehow come across this post and know that her RAK really was paid forward and I hope that the RAKs that I perform inspire others.

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