Sunday, April 27, 2014

DIY Tutorial: Applique Onesie

Want one, but don't have the time to make your own?  
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Applique Onesies are a great personalized, unique baby gift.  
You will need the following supplies:

- No Sew Fusible Interfacing
- cotton fabric - scraps usually work for me, but a fat quarter or 1/4 yard would be a good option if you didn't have scraps on hand - this is a great way to upcycle old scraps that you may have on hand
- optional: a Cricut

I start by finding an image - in this case a belay device.  I found this using a Google search.  Silhouette images work best if you are located your image in this fashion.  I also use my Cricut often for images.  That's what I used for the tree onesie that you will see later.  I also have freehanded stuff - for instance the harness on the onesie - I just drew most of that.

Cut out the image carefully.
Trace it upside down on the smooth side of your interfacing.  Trim the interfacing around, leaving at least 1/4" on all sides, the image.
Iron the traced image on the wrong side of your fabric.  Make sure to iron on the smooth side - the other side is the glue.  Follow the directions on the interfacing package for ironing.
Cut out the traced image.  At this point you will be cutting both the fusible webbing and the fabric - they should be stuck together now.
A note on letters: make sure to iron them upside down - they should look backwards when you lay them down.

Once all of your pieces are ironed and cut, lay them out carefully on the onesie.

If you are going to add stamping, I would suggest laying everything out and BEFORE ironing, complete your stamping - this is just in case the stamping does not go as planned.  It is super frustrating to have everything ironed and then mis-stamp and have to scrap everything.  This way, you can cover up the mistake by moving your image, or start on another onesie. You should slip something - a small piece of cardboard - inside the onesie, so that your ink doesn't bleed through.

I use Stayzon ink.  I stamp VERY carefully and then heat set - this means running an iron over the stamping, for apx. 2 minutes.  I just do this when I iron on my image.

Peel the paper backing off of the pieces and iron all of your pieces into place.

Some people will stop here and the webbing claims that it will stay, but I like to guarantee the security by adding a stitch around the edges - making sure to back-stitch (stitch backwards and then forwards again) at the beginning and end of each seam.
 Sometimes - on darker colors - the white will show through, like on this tree trunk, I just use a fabric marker to color that in - I'm very type-A.
Trim all of your strings, I like to iron one more time, and then you are done.

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