Thursday, April 24, 2014

Non-Candy Easter Basket

Like every other American family, we experience the first-world problem of too much junk food surrounding the holidays.  Easter and Halloween seem to be notorious for this problem.  We make a conscientious effort to head off childhood diabetes and attempt, as much as possible, to avoid the candy-craze of this holiday.
 Here are some ideas for what to put in a non-candy Easter basket.
 This year for my one-year-old:
- Toothbrushes
- Shovel for the beach
- GoGo Applesauce
- Chocolate Milk straws - we couldn't completely escape
- Noise makers
- Bubbles
- Pip-squeaks marker
This year for my five-year-old:
- GoGo Applesauce
- Bubbles
- Glider Airplanes
- Shovel for the beach
- Lego set
- Bell for a Bike
- Gum
- Top
- Socks
- Chocolate Milk Straws

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