Wednesday, May 7, 2014

DIY Tutorial: Cloth Napkins with Option of Stamping

Want some, but don't have the time to make your own?  
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Making cloth napkins is both budge and eco-conscious and is an excellent project for a beginning sewer.

Supply List:
- Fabric (these napkins are made from linen - a personal favorite - but any cotton works just as well)
- thread
If you are interested in stamping:
- acrylic paint
- stamp
-paint brush
First, cut your fabric in a 13" square.

 Next, iron your fabric - this is THE most important part of this project.
 Fold two opposite edges over 1/4" and press flat with your iron.
 Fold again and press - this will hide the rough edge.
 Pin in place - I like to use two pins, but not too close to the unpressed edges - you'll see why in the next few steps.
 This is the most important part, if you are a perfectionist like I am.  Fold the edge into a triangle.  To get everything really perfect the triangle sides should be parallel and perpendicular to the pressed edge.
 Press this.
 It should look like this.
 Fold over the unpressed edge 1/4", it will look like this.
 Press this into place.
 Fold it over once more.  1/4" again.  It should line up like this:
 Press that into place. and pin.
 Sew any type of stitch you would like about 1/8" from the edge all the way around.
You can stop here and I often do with more patterned fabrics, but I like to add a special touch for my linen napkins and I hand stamp them with fruit and/or vegetables.  In this case, I used red and brown paint and an apple.
 I cut the apple and removed the stem.  I painted the back red.
 I should note that I always try this once or twice on scrap fabric before doing it on my actual napkins.  Once I feel confident, I stamp the napkin very carefully.
 I hand paint on a stem and the end result is something like this:
 A fun idea with the apple sets is to take a bite out of half of the apple and use that for a cute variation.

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