Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Ice Cream Social - Multicultural Club

The final whole club event for the Multicultural Club that I run is an ice cream social.  In the past this is when we would do elections, but we have evolved that process a bit.  About two weeks prior to the social, we start to run announcements asking any current MCC member who is interestd in being an officer to come and talk with me.  Having been involved with high school clubs for well over a decade now, I began to notice that rarely did kids adhere to the roles they were elected for and (anyone who has ever been in high school can tell you this) the elections were mostly a popularity contest and eliminated some very talented leaders from the pool just by the public speaking and presure of the actual elections themselves.
One of the goals of this club is to foster a place that EVERYONE is accepted and nurtured.  Given all of this, rather than elections, we started to take anyone who was interested.  They did have to fulfill a couple of simple requirements: they had to come to talk with me a week prior, they had to have been active in the club, and they had to attend and help to serve at the social.  Officers who are not seniors and have been in good standing with the club this year, are invited back automatically.
It might sound a bit chaotic, but the kids learn to all depend on each other and they form an amazing bond.
Rather than doing formal elections at this social, we have all of the officers for the upcoming school year introduce themselves and the senior officers say good-bye.  The officers all help to serve ice cream with toppings and to distribute certificates of participation to the club members.
We use the cafeteria to host this event.
We do certificates of participation, becasue this club attracts students who aren't involved in school in any other way.  The kids really prize these, especially those students who have MCC as their only after-school activity.
This year we had over 250 kids in the club and we will have 15 officers for next year.  This will be the most that we have ever had.

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