Thursday, July 10, 2014

Preserving Rhubarb

Perhaps you took my advice in my previous post and grew rhubarb.  You used it in every way that you could think of and maybe took some of my suggestions from this post:
It took a few years but now your plants are huge and producing more than you can use in the season.  You could always give the extra away, but if you want to preserve this small slice of summer, that is another very easy option.
 First harvest your rhubarb, the proper way to do this is to pull up and out until the stock is removed.  Rinse the stalks and chop them into 1-1.5" pieces.
 Blanch (that means submerge them in boiling water) for 1.5 minutes.
 Put this in ice water and let it cool, then strain it to remove some excess water.
Place it in a freezer bag and remove as much excess air as possible.  Make certain to label and date your bag and place it in the deep freezer.  This does wonders for the soul in mid-winter when you are dying for a little sunshine and taste of summer.

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