Saturday, July 5, 2014

Letter Party: Celebrating Success in Learning

Two summers ago my son was learning his letters.  We worked every day on identification of both lower and uppercase letters, the sounds that each letter made and writing each letter.  To motivate him I made a poster to chart our progress and promised him a letter party if he could complete the entire poster.  When I made the promise, I had no idea what a letter party was, but as the time drew near for the celebration, an idea began to develop:
Here is the chart that I made.  I pinned it to the wall and each time he had "mastered" one aspect of letter learning her earned a star or got to cross out the letter.  The bottom reads "Letter Party" - to keep him motivated.
 First, we decorated.  I used my Cricut to cut letter shapes - which were hung from the ceiling and we pulled out the letter mat that someone gave us for beneath the kid's table.  Someone had given my husband a framed reading poster as a gag gift, and we changed out our normal art for this.
 On the kid's table we had playdough and all of the letter cut-outs from a letter set.
 The adult table had a "runner" of letter cards we had been using to learn our letters.

 For food I made the letters "T", "O" and "I" from carrots and toothpicks.
 I cut cantaloupe for the letter "C".
 I made macaroni and cheese with vegetable alphabet noodles mixed in.
 We even let Thayer invite some friends.
 Everyone had a party hat: just a band of paper with the first letter of their name on it.
 In preparation for the party, Thayer and Gavin (his guest) wrote out the names of all of the guests on the paper we had down as tablecloths.  The left side is Gavin's writing and the right side is Thayer.

Even desert had a letter theme - we had cookies and ice cream with Organic Letter of the Day cookies.
I saved all of my supplies for when the next one does this.  The next summer we learned to read...

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