Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Final Speech of The Year

As the school year comes to end, I feel it is a good practice for students to reflect on what they have accomplished and how their accomplishments will impact their future.  I also like to prepare them for the culminating project speech that they are required to give at the end of their senior year in order to graduate.  With all of these goals in mind, I designed the following assignment:
10th Grade
Year-End Speech

As a final for your 10th grade experience this year, you will be giving a presentation similar to that the seniors give for their culminating project.  This presentation will focus on how your experience as a sophomore and the greater KR community (think sports, work, religious organization, clubs, etc.)  has prepared you for your next two years of high school and/or running start.  Just like the senior presentation, you must have completed ALL 10th grade elements of the culminating project in order to do this presentation. 

All elements must be completed in Efolio no later than ________. 
  • All 9th grade requirements
  • 10th grade best works & reflection
  • interest inventory sample results
  • cover letter
  • job application
  • resume
  • 10th grade high school and beyond plan
  • At least 1 technology competency

If they are not, you will not be permitted to give your presentation.
 Here is a link to the requirements on the KR Website: http://www.kent.k12.wa.us/Page/1184

You will need to address the following in your 4-5 minute presentation:
  1. You will select a best work from this English class and your sophomore year in general (this second one must be different than the 1st).  You will present your best works and describe how they have helped you to develop the skills you will need as junior/senior at KR or running start.
  2. You will explain your extra-curricular involvement and how the extra-curricular activities have you been involved with this year have helped to prepare you for the challenges you will face at KR/running start in the next two years.
  3. You will share how the 10th grade elements of the culminating project (interest inventory sample results, cover letter, job application, resume, high school and beyond plan) have helped you to prepare for the remainder of your career as a high school student.
  4. You will share the technology competency that you chose to upload this year and how it has prepared you for your final two years at Kentridge.

You must use a visual aid (props, Powerpoints, Prezi, etc.) to enhance your presentation!!!  It is up to you which type(s) of visuals you use, but you need something. 

Don’t forget to do an engaging opening (think hook, background information, and thesis), apply structure to the body of your speech (think transitions, evidence, and explanation) and end with a conclusion (think summary, restated thesis, and call-to-action). 

Don’t forget to wear professional attire on your presentation date (think professional job interview – gum and jeans are never okay, hair out of face).

These presentations will be given in your English class on ____________.  You will need to reserve your spot ahead of time.  Just like a job interview, if you don’t show you don’t get a grade.  No excuses!!!

I usually spend only a few days in preparation for this assignment.  First, of all, my students have practiced public speaking in a variety of forms throughout the year.  They have given group presentations and done multiple discussions.  There is no content-knowledge needed for this speech (which I think really takes some pressure off and allows them to focus entirely on speaking skills).  They also just completed a unit with mini-presentations (specifically integrated in order to prep them for this with a focus on different speaking skills with each one).  

Here is the rough schedule:

Day 1 - Efolio/Culminating Project Work 
Day 2 - Example Ted Talk & Visual Work Time
Day 3 - Rubric Review & Practice Speaking
Day 4-6 - Speeches

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