Friday, April 13, 2012

Curtains in the Baby's Room

The final creation that I made for Bandon's room were curtains.  I have made curtains for almost every room in the house and these are by far my best.  I found a tutorial for lined curtains here and it was much easier than previous tutorials that I have used.  Really the trick is to measure four times before you cut.  I bought a bunch of the whimsical white and blue fabric before I really knew what I was going to use it for and I am almost out, so this is one way that I know that I am done with all the elements of the room.  It feels awesome to have the room completely ready.  Now, we just need the baby.

1 comment:

  1. Nice Rose, like your colors and the colors of the walls. Bandon will love his room. Your such a great Wife, Mother and Teacher. Oh yes and seamstress, quilter and you do so much for others. Love you sooooo much, Auntie Linda