Monday, May 14, 2012

Bird House Fence

I love this fence.  Love it.  I have big plans for it as well.  My husband helped me to make this from upcycled materials from around the house.  The fence on one side of our property was literally falling apart after our neighbors used a backhoe to dig up his entire back yard.  We used the pieces that were falling out for the long boards.  We painted them with whatever leftover paint we could find around the house.  Justin used a 1.5" drill bit to make the holes and then we put some copper piping beneath some of them.  Justin cut the same fence pieces into small strips for the tops of the houses and pin nailed those into place.  Finally, we used a green stake at one end and a post on the fence on the other for a board going across the back that the "birdhouses" were nailed too.  This is going to end up being the backdrop for a rose garden - you can see some of the plants in the foreground of this picture.  I will add more as this portion of my garden expands.
A Bird House Fence

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