Saturday, March 29, 2014

DIY Tutorial: Fabric Lampshade

This DIY project was VERY simple.  This is one of the most simple projects that I have undertaken in a long time.
 I started with this hand-me-down lamp from my dad.  He is a woodworker and he hand turned the bottom, making it impossible for me to part with.  However, it just did not fit in my house.  It was BIG - the shade was awful and it didn't match my decor at all.  It had been living in the garage for about two years when lightening finally struck: just change the shade.  Duh!!!  I am helping my sister to get her baby nursery together and recently finished some blackout curtains and a quilt, all in her insect theme and with this same fabric.
I had a little bit of fabric left over and was planning to dedicate it to something else for her baby.

Here is a supply list for this project:
- lamp
- shade (I got mine at Target)
- spray adhesive
- no-sew fabric glue
- paper - I used some craft paper that my kids had drawn on, but newpaper would work just as well
- pins
- scissors
- drop cloth
That's it - easy
 Here is my new shade - $9.99 at Target
 I started at the seam - so that I could remember where I started, then I rolled the shade along and traced it onto a piece of paper.
 I added two inches on one end so that my fabric would be sure to overlap.

 I cut out the pattern and it looked like this.
 I pinned it in place on my scrap fabric.
 As I cut the pattern out I cut about 1/2" from the edge of the pattern - I will tuck this in on the lamp shade later.

 Next, I took my spray adhesive out to the garage, laid down a drop cloth and sprayed the wrong side of the fabric.  I sprayed pretty liberally.

 I started the fabric at the seam again.  I made certain to press out the bumps - I just put one hand inside the shade and then rubbed on the outside from top to bottom.  Sometimes there were still small imperfections, so I just kinda lifted the fabric up and pulled it until the crease was out.
 At first I just rolled the shade on - the same way that I had done the pattern.  This worked for a bit, but then once it didn't I just lifted the shade onto my lap and put it on that way.  The glue did dry very quickly and I had to reapply at one point - I just folded the fabric back and sprayed a little more glue.
This glue is super sticky.  I had managed to glue my knees to the drop cloth and I had to tear it off my pants a bit - oooops.
 This is what the shade looked like when I brought it back inside.

 I folded over the edge - the glue from outside was still kinda tacky and the fabric adhered easily.  Then I liberally applied some no-sew fabric glue and pressed it into place.

 I did the bottom of the shade first.  I just applied some of the same no-sew glue and then pressed the fabric down and over.  I do wish that I had trimmed it a bit before I had done that step - when the light is on with this white fabric you can kind of see the fabric line.
 After pushing the bottom on, I flipped the shade and did the top.  I cut small snips where the metal was and then pressed in the same fashion.
 I wanted to be extra sure that the fabric around my little snips didn't fray, so put a small dab of glue where I had snipped and spread it with my finger a bit.
 I put the shade on and my lamp was done.  I was tempted to paint the bottom blue - in the same shade I had used on the curtains, but this wood was too gorgeous, so I left it.  Plus, this wood is the same shade as the crib that my sister will be using if I can ever find a toddler bed for my two-year-old.

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