Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Preserving Sugar Snap Peas

 Preserving peas is simple.  First, I like to snap off both ends, I'm not sure why - that's just how we always did it growing up.  I am assuming there is some logic.
 Next, I put them in cool water and swish them around to make certain they are clean.
 Next, I drain them a bit, before putting them on the stove.
 I "blanch" - basically boil - on the stove for 2 minutes with peas.  While they boil, I prepare: one side of my sink is filled with a colander, the other side has ice water.  As soon as the timer goes, I drain the peas and then transfer them into the ice water.
 I find it helpful to swish them in the cool water a bit to cool them off.
 Once they seem to have cooled, I drain them again and then place them in freezer bags.  I always label the bags and remove as much air as possible before putting them in the freezer for the months to come.

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  1. I;ve never thought of freezing our peas! I guess we eat them all, but next year I need to plant tons more! Great idea.